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Continental Worldwide Pageant

​​Recently, Kevi was crowned as Mrs. Montana Continental Worldwide. Based in Salt Lake City, this pageant is directed by Loreen Olney and seeks out women who are what they call the "total package." Those women they seek are strong, passionate, committed to their communities and have an inherent desire to make a positive impact on the world, and improve the lives of other women  To learn more about this pageant system please visit



America's SUPER Pageant

Kevi and Salinas have have been a delegates, reigning queens and volunteers for the The America’s SUPER Pageant for over a decade.  The America's SUPER pageant is personal development opportunity for women of all ages throughout the World. The delegates who represent their state, country and international titles have beauty, style, poise, intelligence, confidence, and a strong desire to improve the world around them by promoting a personal platform and/or the national Safety Belt Use & Awareness Platform. The pageant gives these women the opportunity to advance their personal goals, while acting as a role model to those around them. 

Kevi is currently donating her time to the Director, Janet Bierer, to co-direct the 2023 pageant.  Salinas will be donating her time to assist with judging, tabulation and/or set up.  To learn more, please visit

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