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SUPERSisters, Inc. is owned by Kevi Berger (Int'l SUPER Mrs. 2015) and could not conduct its operations without operational assistance from her SUPERSister, Salinas Bartel (SUPER Ms. 2014).


The two developed their friendship through pageantry, work and social life.  They are often found volunteering in their community and with their families. 


Each is a mom, a grandma, have been a "foster" parent, have been a Court Appointed Special Advocate and each is currently a pageant queen.

Kevi is the reigning Elegant Ms. Montana and Salinas is Mrs. Montana.  They are both currently looking forward to participating in the 2021 American Royal Beauties pageant in Ohio with three other "SUPERSisters" Justine (Elegant Ms. Montana Excellence), Dana (Ms. North Dakota) and Janine (Mrs. West Coast Excellence).

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